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 Welcome to the Aero Controls.  We are a provider of premier  Ultralight throttle cables, Ultralight choke cables and Ultralight throttle quadrants. Aero Controls was started in 1990 to provide quality products made specifically for the Ultralight aircraft kit market. We currently provide Ultralight throttle cables and throttle quadrants to many of the kit manufacturers. Please visit out web site for more details or contact us as outlined below. We are also listed under Ultralight aircraft and Ultralight airplanes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you high quality off the shelf or custom Ultralight cable systems for your aircraft.


Company Product Profile

Aero Controls' Ultralight throttle cables system is factory installed on many kit aircraft.  Aero Controls' systems have been chosen because of attention to detail and use of the highest quality materials.  This attention to detail results in an exceptionally smooth, highly dependable, long lasting throttle assembly.

The Ultralight throttle cables and choke cables system utilize a nylon outer housing (5 mm), a flat wound carbon steel casing and a friction reducing nylon inner liner.  The cable is ultra-low friction (1x19) 1.2 mm stainless steel.  A high quality silver solder is used to connect the carburetor cable nipples and oil injection fittings.  These solder joints have a 40x safety factor.  All aluminum parts are anodized or powder coated for corrosion protection and esthetics.

Aero Controls' Ultralight throttle quadrant kits utilize CNC machined guides and side plates.  Every quadrant comes complete with cable adjusters and cockpit adjustable friction controls.  The choke lever (if included) has a lock-out feature preventing the choke from inadvertently being activated while in flight.

Throttle and choke cable assemblies can be custom designed to fit your aircraft.  Aero Controls is familiar with most makes and models of Ultralight airplanes on the market.  Cable sets that allow for both foot and cruise throttle operation are available for flexwing trikes.  Aero Controls can manufacture to your specifications if required.

Everything needed to connect your throttle cable to your engine and throttle lever is included with each cable set.  Even the Allen wrench needed to tighten the set-screws is included.  The "T"-Clip mounting bracket is free when you order both the throttle and choke cables assemblies at the same time.

Contact Information for Light Aero Engines

Tech Services/Administration  250-832-8786
        Order Desk-250-832-8786
Postal address
Box 1085
        Salmon Arm, B.C.
V1E 4P1
Street Address
        Hanger A5-4300-20th Ave SE
Salmon Arm, B.C.
        V1E 4P1
Electronic mail
General Information, Sales, and Customer Support:   lightengine@airspeedwireless.ca 
Webmaster: lessardd@telusplanet.net

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